Adán Ortega Associates


     With nearly 30 years of experience spanning 25 U.S. States and 60 U.S. and Canadian cities, AOA founder Adán Ortega is a noted expert in water, agriculture, public accountability and community empowerment.  He is well known for helping potential clients identify the help they need when facing public communications challenges.

     Adán works with partner professionals and as part of in-house leadership teams  taking responsibility for making things happen fast.  Adán and his Associates specialize in difficult situations utilizing his  “Quick Start” strategic approach in the following areas:

  1.    Managing Public Policy Debates and Building Support

  2. Managing Trade Associations

  3.    Educating Decision-Makers and Newspaper Professionals

  4.    Managing Crises

  5.    Focusing Issues and Messages

  6.    Expediting Government Permits

  7.    Competing in Procurement Processes

  8.    Positioning for Public & Foundation Funding of Projects

  9.    Recruiting In-House Communications Professionals


Public Policy & Water Experts

Helping a select group of Fortune 500 companies, public agencies, trade groups and non-profit organizations on public policy matters with communications challenges, lobbying and crisis management needs.

Quick-Start High Impact Approaches

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